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September 27, 2014 at 9:19am

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Because is just terrible. →


When I set up a page on a coupla monts ago, I had NO idea that the site would later go on to to host support pages for serial rapists, child-murdering racists, and general FLAMING assholes. As my site host, receives a portion of every book sale.

I wish to continue to…


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Portuguese designer Susana Soares has developed a device for detecting cancer and other serious diseases using trained bees. The bees are placed in a glass chamber into which the patient exhales; the bees fly into a smaller secondary chamber if they detect cancer. 

Scientists have found that honey bees - Apis mellifera - have an extraordinary sense of smell that is more acute than that of a sniffer dog and can detect airborne molecules in the parts-per-trillion range. 

Bees can be trained to detect specific chemical odours, including the biomarkers associated with diseases such as tuberculosis, lung, skin and pancreatic cancer.

breathe into the BEE ORB to reveal your fate

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September 26, 2014 at 12:34pm

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I've finished my novel— →


—to the extent that I need some other eyes on it before I do a final editorial tweak. After that, I will shop it around to publishers.

Meanwhile I am looking for a small circle (10 is good; I now have 2) of avid readers who can scan it and give me feedback.

This works on a couple of levels,…

September 17, 2014 at 10:57am

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Suddenly her mom’s silence matched Jackie’s own. “Oh, my God,” she murmured in disbelief. “Are you gay?”

"Yeah," Jackie forced herself to say.

After what felt like an eternity, her mom finally responded. “I don’t know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag as a child,” she said before hanging up.


She got a call from her older brother. “He said, ‘Mom and Dad don’t want to talk to you, but I’m supposed to tell you what’s going to happen,’” Jackie recalls. “And he’s like, ‘All your cards are going to be shut off, and Mom and Dad want you to take the car and drop it off at this specific location. Your phone’s going to last for this much longer. They don’t want you coming to the house, and you’re not to contact them. You’re not going to get any money from them. Nothing. And if you don’t return the car, they’re going to report it stolen.’ And I’m just bawling. I hung up on him because I couldn’t handle it.” Her brother was so firm, so matter-of-fact, it was as if they already weren’t family.


You should read this Rolling Stones piece on Queer kids getting kicked out by their religious parents. And remember it.  (via fuckyeahdiomedes)

“I don’t know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag as a child,” she said before hanging up.

Well. If you think a queer child is a punishment… ‘what you’ve done’ is exactly what you’re currently doing, ‘cause you’re gonna go to whatever hell you believe in for this.

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September 11, 2014 at 12:28am

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On the Front Lines of a New Pacific War:

On the small, spectacular island of Jeju, off the southern tip of Korea, indigenous villagers have been putting their bodies in the way of construction of a joint South Korean–US naval base that would be an environmental, cultural and political disaster. If completed, the base would hold more than 7,000 navy personnel, plus twenty warships including US aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and destroyers carrying the latest Aegis missiles—all aimed at China, only 300 miles away.

Since 2007, when the $970 million project was first announced, the outraged Tamna people of Gangjeong village have exhausted every legal and peaceful means to stop it. They filed lawsuits. They held a referendum in which 94 percent of the electorate voted against construction—a vote the central government ignored. They chained themselves for months to a shipping container parked on the main access road, built blockades of boulders at the construction gate and occupied coral-reef dredging cranes. They have been arrested by the hundreds. Mayor Kang Dong-Kyun, who was jailed for three months, said, “If the villagers have committed any crime, it is the crime of aspiring to pass their beautiful village to their descendants.”

Jeju is just one island in a growing constellation of geostrategic points that are being militarized as part of President Obama’s “Pacific Pivot,” a major initiative announced late in 2011 to counter a rising China. According to separate statements by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, 60 percent of US military resources are swiftly shifting from Europe and the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region. (The United States already has 219 bases on foreign soil in the Asia-Pacific; by comparison, China has none.) The Jeju base would augment the Aegis-equipped systems in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and the US colony of Guam. The Pentagon has also positioned Patriot PAC-3 missile defense systems in Taiwan, Japan (where the United States has some ninety installations, plus about 47,000 troops on Okinawa) and in South Korea (which hosts more than 100 US facilities).


On the island of Jeju, the consequences of the Pacific Pivot are cataclysmic. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, adjacent to the proposed military port, would be traversed by aircraft carriers and contaminated by other military ships. Base activity would wipe out one of the most spectacular remaining soft-coral forests in the world. It would kill Korea’s last pod of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and contaminate some of the purest, most abundant spring water on the planet. It would also destroy the habitats of thousands of species of plants and animals—many of which, such as the narrow-mouthed frog and the red-footed crab, are gravely endangered already. Indigenous, sustainable livelihoods—including oyster diving and local farming methods that have thrived for thousands of years—would cease to exist, and many fear that traditional village life would be sacrificed to bars, restaurants and brothels for military personnel.


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September 10, 2014 at 9:59pm

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PROMO Sale on these two phone cases with my original artwork on them! Please use this link to get free worldwide shipping and $5 off each one. Note: iPhone 6 cases are available and will ship September 19th.

Promo ends September 14 at midnight, PDT. Reblogs appreciated!

September 4, 2014 at 7:02pm

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On Gentrifying and Why I Fuckin' Hate It. →


The thing about living in areas everyone calls shitty, is no one actually gives a fuck about the area. No one actually gives a fuck about the violence in the area, or the people in the area, no one wants to actually help make it a good place for its current residents.


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Forever 21 have stolen some designs of mine, quite blatantly. You can find the originals in my Etsy shop -
Please reblog xxx


Forever 21 have stolen some designs of mine, quite blatantly. You can find the originals in my Etsy shop -

Please reblog xxx

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printing this


printing this

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